Mineral Fertilizer based on Calcium Silicate formulation FLOW.

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SILTRON CALCIO FLOW is indicated as a fortifier of plant tissues for foliar and / or root application, whose purpose is to increase the tolerance of the crop to the attack of pathogens, improve the shelf life of the fruit and increase the resistance of the plant and fruit to physical damage caused by friction, manipulation, etc.

Silicon (Si) accumulates in the epidermal tissues of roots and buds. The epidemic thickening of the silicate-cellulose layer supports the mechanical stability of plants and can improve their resistance against biotic and / or abiotic stress.

– Function of Calcium: It develops an important role in all phases of the life of the plant. It is essential for growth (from germination to maturity of the fruit). Calcium allows the tissues of the plant to be more resistant.

– It’s deficiency: it occurs due to it’s low mobility. Apical necrosis, bitter-pit, cracking or cracking of fruits, and premature maturity are examples of deficiencies in calcium.


– Increase the productivity and quality of agricultural crops.
– Increases the resistance of the soil against the erosion of wind and water.
– Increase resistance to drought in plants.
– Promotes colonization by symbiotic microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).
– Reduces the leaching of Phosphorus, Nitrogen and potassium in the areas of agricultural cultivation.
– Increases the salinity resistance.
– Protects plants against the attack of diseases, fungi and insects.
– Restores areas contaminated by heavy metals and hydrocarbons.
– It is part of the structure of trichomes.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble 21,42%
Calcium (Ca) water soluble 14,78%
Silicon Oxide (SiO2) water soluble 22,14%
Silicon (Si) water soluble 12,00%