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AQUA N - Mag

AQUA N-Mag with nitrification inhibitor DCD.

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AQUA N – Mag is a stabilized crystalline granular fertilizer, which provides efficiency and quality for its use in Fertigation.
AQUA N – Mag contains in its formulation the DCD molecule, inhibitor of nitrification, which ensures the stability of nitrogen in the soil.
AQUA N – Mag ensures the availability of nitrogen in the form of ammonium (NH4+) that allows energy savings, as well as an improvement in the absorption of microelements and phosphorus that contribute to increase production.
AQUA N – Mag allows to improve the uniformity and the size of the fruits.
AQUA N – Mag contributes to reduce the losses of nitrates by washing, thus avoiding the contamination by nitrates of groundwater.
AQUA N – Mag also contributes to the safety of your irrigation equipment, since it is of total and rapid solubility, is free of carbonates and has a high acidifying power, which prevents the formation of precipitates and obstructions in the irrigation emitters.

Benefits of AQUA N – Mag
• Contribution of Nitrogen, Magnesium and Sulfur in crops.
• Use in alkaline soils with high pH levels.
• Use in deficient sulfur plantations.

When AQUA N – Mag is used in soils with a tendency to acidify the soil, the pH must be controlled and maintained at an adequate range.


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Total Nitrogen (N) 19,10%
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 12,00%
Nitric Nitrogen (N) 7,10%
DCD (Dicyanamide)) 0,80%
Magnesium (MgO) 6,00%
Sulfur trioxide (SO3) soluble in water 26,00%