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Increase or recovery of roots.


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ROOTING is a product formulated based on plant extract, nitrogen and phosphorus, ROOTING is able to increase the exploration capacity of roots in the soil, a situation that translates into greater water and nutrient absorption as well as greater production of growth promoting substances.
Increase or Recovery of Roots
The root is not a permanent structure in its entirety as are the stems and branches of the aerial part. At all times there is a condition of formation and loss of roots, which varies according to the state, conditions of the plant and the soil. The attack of pathogens or insects as well as negative physical or chemical situations of the soil will act to the detriment of the amount of radical mass, with this in the integral functionality of the root in the plant system, presenting a lower absorption of water and nutrients , lower anchorage, lower exudation of compounds, lower hormonal contribution, decrease in yield and quality of the crops as well as a reduction in the life of the plant. In the case of some fruit trees, the above is critical because it reduces the amount of reserves that are important from one cycle to another. A fundamental step in the treatment of the problem is to determine the causal agent of the damage, a pest, disease or agronomic management such as drainage, etc. To be able to elaborate a comprehensive management program where the use of ROOTING should be included to improve the capacity to form new roots and promote the growth of the entire radical system. ORANG GROWTH has developed and offers diagnostic systems for the root system, as well as ROOTING treatment programs to be integrated into soil management.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Plant Extract 78,36%
Total Nitrogen (N) 2,10%
Organic Nitrogen (N) 1,85%
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 0,25%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water 1,50%