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At Orang Growth we have a formulation and R&D department in charge of searching for new active ingredients and raw materials for the development of new ranges of fertilizers, to meet the demands of a new professionalized market and highly specialized in a new type nutrition, based on the premises of “ZERO WASTE AGRICULTURE”. At Orang Growth we develop high quality fertilizers to avoid phosphonate, chloride, phytosanitary residues, etc.

Society is changing to a more responsible and sustainable consumption model, and for this, Orang Growth is committed to complete bio-nutrition: the best strategy to have a healthy crop is through a good nutrition program, thus trying to avoid the use of phytosanitary treatments. .

At Orang Growth we develop all kinds of nutritional products to cover all the needs of all crops, constantly seeking to introduce new active ingredients: biostimulants based on algae, microalgae, humic acids, amino acids, organic matter, deficiency correctors, NPK’s, antibiotics, bioprotectants, etc … all in different improved presentation formats, such as our gels, micronized powder and granules



Products with ColzimeTM Technology have been prepared through an enzymatic hydrolysis process to enhance their stimulating and metabolic activating effect.

ColzimeTM Technology powers:


Products with NanOrangTM Technology have been prepared through a specific manufacturing process in which a special treatment is carried out on the active ingredients to improve their properties:

NanOrangTM Technology powers:


One of the most important services of Orang Growth is the formulation service. We have a great team of formulators and an accumulated experience of 50 years making formulations for third parties.

Once we receive a formulation request, the R&D team performs a scan among the raw materials available in the market to achieve the results required by the client. The formulas are tested in our laboratory, performing stability and solubility tests, richness analysis, compatibility tests, analysis of heavy metals and / or pathogenic microorganisms, etc.

Once the formula has passed all our quality standards, and complies with current regulations for its manufacture, the definitive step to commercialization is taken.