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SIL K 460

Foliar mineral fertilizer based on Potassium Silicate – Strengthener.

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SIL K 460 is an aqueous solution of the potassium salt of the polymerized silicic acid. In addition to its function as an available source of silica and potassium for growth, it also increases resistance to environmental factors and can have a preventive effect against fungi.

SIL K 460 is a 100% natural soluble liquid formula that controls the development of the root system, increasing the resistance of plants to abiotic and biotic stress, such as high and low temperatures, wind, high concentrations of salts and heavy metals, hydrocarbons, aluminum, insects , fungi, diseases. The silicon contained in SIL K 460 also deposits on the walls of the root cells, acting as a barrier against the invasion of parasites and pathogens.

SIL K 460 increases the productivity and quality of agricultural crops. It is a good fertilizer for vine, rice, corn, wheat, sugarcane, palm, mango, blackberry, guava, chile, beans, forage grasses, etc.

SIL K 460 reinforces the capacity of storage and distribution of carbohydrates required for the growth of plants. Applications of SIL K 460 decreases the leaching levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Chemical composition 2,82 SiO2 * K2O
Solids contents (%) 43,60%
Content SiO2 (%) 28,00%
Content K2O 15,60%