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SUL-S is a nitrogenous compound with a high content of reduced sulfur, indicated to favor the vegetative growth of the plant and strengthen it against adverse conditions such as stress, attacks of fungi, etc. Thus, it has a double function: nutritional and fungistatic.

SUL-S is an excellent source of ammoniacal nitrogen, easily absorbed by the plant and that contributes to the formation of amino acids, nucleic acids, chlorophyll and growth hormones.

SUL-S facilitates the synthesis of amino acids, especially those that contain thiol – like functional groups, such as methionine and cysteine, as well as facilitates the biosynthesis of glutamic acid.

SUL-S improves the manganese absorption available in the soil.

SUL-S is a natural product, easily and quickly assimilated and with a double action: nourish and strengthen.

SULFUR incorporating SUL-S is a complex in a high degree of oxidation, triggering two types of defensive response: accumulation of sulfur metabolites responsible for plant defense mechanisms and oxidative burst response. It is also a precursor of L-cysteine, which accelerates protein biosynthesis, with a considerable increase in leaf tissue thickness, which forms a barrier against external aggressions.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/w)

Total Nitrogen (N)

5,00 %

Ammonium Nitrogen (N)

5,00 %

Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) water soluble

32,50 %