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Copper Gluconate. New formulation for the protection of crops


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ORANGGROWTH technology provides adhesion and high resistance to washing, effective in the preventive control of numerous diseases caused by endopathogenic fungi and by some bacteria.
The formulation of SELECT 200 is not a traditional soluble liquid, the SELECT 200 formulation improves all the operative parameters of the other liquid formulations. SELECT 200 is a more secure form of copper for the crop, which has greater persistence and has no sensitivity to the pH of the water.
Classic fungicide-bactericide, which contains a copper concentration of 20%.

Copper has:
• Preventive action of diseases of fungal and bacterial origin.
• Wide field of activity
• As a fungicide it is one of the classic resources in agriculture, it is one of the few products (together with sulfur) of mineral origin authorized in organic farming.

SELECT 200 copper particles are very fine (170 μm) and homogeneous. This provides:
• Good adhesion
• High resistance to washing

SELECT 200 is an ORANGGROWTH technology, which improves the formulation of traditional granules and powders, providing:
• Excellent dissolution, suspension and stability to the product when mixed with water.
• Safety in handling and application
• Greater fixation to the vegetable surface
• It is not as sensitive to weather conditions as other copper.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/v)

Copper (Cu) soluble in water

20,00 %