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Sunscreen for Vine, Fruit and Vegetables

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PROTEC WP is a sunscreen for fruit and vegetables based on Zinc Oxide in a Calcium Carbonate excipient, which reduces damage from heat stress and sunburn. It is manufactured with special pigments of superior reflectivity, characteristics that avoid adverse effects on the plant without interfering in gaseous and water exchange at stomatal level.
PROTEC WP reduces the temperature of the leaf, allowing the stomatal opening to be prolonged for a longer time, increasing photosynthesis and promoting the formation of the precursors of compounds involved in the coloring of the fruit. The reflective action of it’s particles better illuminates the interior of trees or any other plant, improving the color of the fruit in those shadier places.
PROTEC WP is designed to be applied by any standard phytosanitary treatment equipment and also by air.
PROTEC WP contains Zinc that is absorbable by the plant, thus improving it’s resistance to stress and nutritional conditions.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/w)

Calcium carbonate

97,00 %

Zinc Oxide (ZnO)

3,00 %