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Protector against sunburn, heat stress and high temperatures.


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PROTEC FLOW is a fluid dispersion of micronized calcium carbonate and silicon. It is designed for field application and is recommended for use as protection against sunburn and heat stress.
PROTEC FLOW can be applied to all crops that are not sensitive to calcium.
PROTEC FLOW forms a film of mineral-based particles, intended for the protection of agricultural crops, against sun exposure.

Benefits of PROTEC FLOW
• Increases production
• Acts as a vegetative enhancer for the plant
• Improves the post-harvest quality of the treated fruits, prolonging their commercial life.
• Protects against water stress
• Improves the coloration of the fruits
• Reduces sunburn
• Extends post-harvest life
• Acts as a barrier against fungi such as mildew and powdery mildew
• Barrier effect against parasites and chewers
• Fast dry
• Resists washing out by regular rains
• Easy post-harvest removal
• Suitable for organic farming

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/v)

Calcium carbonate

60,00 %

Calcium oxide (CaO)

34,00 %

Calcium silicate

10,00 %