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Sulfur and Nitrogen. Nitrogen Solution with Sulfur and Lignosulfonates.


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N – SOUFRE prevents and corrects Sulfur deficiencies of all crops through foliar application or via soil. N – SOUFRE guarantees high yields and improves the quality of the productions (dry matter, calibers, coloring, …). The contribution of the nutrients Nitrogen and Sulfur in liquid forms very concentrated and 100% soluble and of a great purity makes them 100% efficient. N – SOUFRE is a liquid product ready for use and polyvalent with a very gentle action on the leaves or fruits: ease of use, safety of use and safety for consumers.

Characteristics of N – SOUFRE

• Lignosulfonates: Organic compounds extracted from wood (lignin).

• Natural “chelating” properties = ability to form stable and soluble complexes with metallic ions (Fe-Cu-Mn-Zn)

• Natural adjuvant properties:

-Mojability (expansion)

-Adherence (resistance to washing)

-Hummery (prevents crystallizations)

• Absorption rate close to 80-90%

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/w)

Total Nitrogen (N)

9,00 %

Urea Nitrogen (N)

9,00 %

Sulfur (S) water soluble

75,00 %

*Complexed with Lignosulfonates