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Natural Latex. Ecological healing paste for pruning wounds and grafts, pruning paste.


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MASTIC PODA is a natural protective paste, ready to use, that helps to heal, naturally, the wounds produced by pruning in all fruit trees and ornamental plants / shrubs.

MASTIC PODA is recommended wherever the scar needs to be concealed. Once applied, the dry paste forms an artificial crust that prevents the entry of moisture and putrefaction agents such as fungi and harmful agents favoring the bulging of the bark, in particular, when the cut has occurred during the vegetative stop.

MASTIC PODA does not drip and forms after drying a uniform, durable and discreet layer of high elasticity and strength.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/w)

Natural latex compound

20,00 %

Clay minerals

65,00 %

Copper oxychloride

5,00 %

Other formulation substances

10,00 %