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Biostimulant with Fulvic Acids and Folic Acid.


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GOSTIN FOREST is a biostimulant for foliar or root application with high penetration power and fast effect, the synergy of nitrogen (5% p / v), fulvic acids and special adjuvants, such as folic acid (1,50% p / v), potentiate their effects on the plant.

• Greater quantity and quality of harvest
• More vigorous vegetative development
• Defense against states of stress (frost, drought, salinity, thermal changes, pests or diseases, etc.)
• Defense against water stress
• Vegetative development and growth
• Improved response to stress
• Increase in fruit quality (weight, color and sugar content).
• Advancement of flowering

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/v)

Organic Nitrogen (N)

5,00 %

Fulvic Acids

35,00 %

Folic Acid

1,50 %