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Stimulator of flowering and fruit set, special Bionutrient to favor the development and fattening of the fruit. 

FLOW formulation.

Formulación FLOW


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GEL CUAJE 500 AA is a highly concentrated formulation in Boron enriched with assimilable phosphorus and 100% active L-α-amino acids in FLOW formulation.

It has a strengthening and stimulating effect on flowering and fruit set, favoring the phase of

fattening of the fruits.

The equilibrium of GEL CUAJE 500 AA as for Boron it favors the fertility of pollen, improving the fertilization of flowers and the correct development of fruit set and fruit set. In the fruiting phase favors the development and fattening of the fruit. It is ideal for foliar applications in multiple-flowering crops whose curdling and fattening phases overlap in time such as: cucurbits, horticulture, strawberry and also in other crops such as citrus, olive, vine and fruit.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/v)

Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water

50,00 %

Free Aminoacids

10,00 %

Total Nitrogen (N)  

2,00 %

Organic Nitrogen (N)  

2,00 %

Boron (B) soluble in water

1,00 %

Molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water

0,50 %