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A new style in biostimulation against hydric and saline stress

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G – BET MICRO presents a unique composition with beneficial synergistic effects on crops in situations of abiotic stress.
G – BET MICRO, biostimulant with a marked corrective effect of water stress thanks to the presence of BETAINE GLYCINE and L-PROLINE.
These compounds protect the cellular machinery during periods of stress, which translates into higher fruit quality and higher yield.
The application of G – BET MICRO allows to increase the levels of osmoregulators in such a way that the plants complete their physiological processes subjected to a lower water stress.

This translates into benefits such as:

-Increased productive performance thanks to a higher photosynthetic rate.
-Better productive quality: improvement of the coloration, greater weight and firmness of the fruits, greater consistency in leaf crops.
-Reduction of the waste due to physiopathies associated with water imbalances (peseta, cracking, ironing, etc.).
– Increase of fruit set and greater precocity of the harvest if it is applied in flowering or post flowering.
-Better conservation in post-harvest.
-Decrease of damage in case of frost.
– Thicker and more resistant fabrics.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/w)

Glycine – Betaine (Gly-Bet)

80,00 %

Free amino acids L- (proline)

10,00 %

Physiological factors*

0,50 %

* bioflavonoids and L ellagic acid