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Improves the plant’s response to water and thermal stress. OSMOPROTECTOR

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G – BET is a high quality product rich in glycine betaine, potassium and other organic substances, from molasses extract and beet vinasse.

Glycine betaine acts as an osmoprotector, it is in the right proportion so that it fulfills, among other properties, the regulation of water exchange in cells, improving the resistance of plants to stress situations caused by drought, extreme temperatures or salinity. It also increases the capacity of the crop to perform photosynthesis, this leads to better efficiency in nutrient uptake and increased production and quality.

K is naturally complexed by organic substances, improving its absorption and favoring the activation of the sap flow in situations of hydric stress.
The presentation in liquid form favors its application in foliar treatments and by fertigation without prior dilution, guaranteeing a fast and effective action.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/v)

Glycine – Betaine (Gly-Bet)

20,00 %

Free Ainoacids

0,50 %

Organic Matter

36,00 %

Organic Carbon (C)

21,12 %

Manganese (Mn) water soluble

0,75 %

Zinc (Zn) water soluble

1,25 %

Total Nitrogen (N)

4,00 %

Organic Nitrogen (N)

4,00 %

Potassim Oxide  (K2O) soluble in water

3,00 %