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Biostimulant to overcome stress situations


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The crops are exposed to different situations of environmental stress (drought, heat, cold, salinity) that drastically reduce productivity DIRECT is formulated with the natural compound osmoprotector glycine betaine that has proven effective in protecting the physiological processes of plants under stress situations, thus maintaining growth and production, avoiding damage and helping crop recovery.
DIRECT also contains the amino acid proline, which generates a synergistic effect with glycine betaine, increasing its protection against stress, and lengthening its effects.
DIRECT also incorporates antioxidants that help to detoxify plant cells, making even more effective anti-stress osmoprotective effects.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/w)

Glycine – Betaine (Gly-Bet)

30,00 %

Free amino acids L- Proline

5,00 %