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Protector against sunburn and heat stress


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CERA PROTECT produces a sunscreen effect; protecting the fruits of sunburn and disorders induced by heat and / or direct sunlight, such as the degradation of mastic, thus improving the quality of crops.
CERA PROTECT is a product based on natural waxes from Carnauba (a plant native to Brazil) and other ingredients that act as a sunscreen, reducing both the intensity of solar radiation and the temperature reached by the fruit, which translates into a reduction in the symptoms of sun damage in the fruit (tanning, burning, redness, lenticelar marking, etc.).
CERA PROTECT is recognized and used worldwide for its excellent performance to protect different fruits in the field against sun damage without leaving visible residues.
CERA PROTECT is designed to protect the fruit from damage caused by sunburn or sunburn. In comparable environmental conditions, the susceptibility of the damage can change according to the different varieties and apple species. It is a liquid formulation easy to mix and apply, leaves no visible residue on the fruit and does not need a washing or cleaning process in packaging.

Guaranteed Analysis

(% w/v)

Natural Carnauba Wax

100,00 %