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AQUA 27 with nitrification inhibitor DCD.

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AQUA 27 is a granular nitrogenous fertilizer, with high ammonium content, to which the nitrification inhibitor molecule DCD (Dicianamide) has been added, thanks to the DCD it allows to minimize nitrogen losses by washing (heavy rains or irrigation) and ensures the stability and maximum use of this element by the plant to prevent the passage of ammoniacal nitrogen to nitric.
AQUA 27 contains the nitrification inhibitor DCD. This component inhibits the activity of Nitrosomonas bacteria and the nitrification process for several weeks. It means that during the active phase of the DCD (6 to 10 weeks, dependent on T ° and soil moisture) the transformation of NH4 to NO3 is retarded. As a result, the availability of Nitrogen is adapted to the needs of the plants, the efficiency of this element is increased and the losses by washing in the first weeks after the application are reduced.

Benefits of AQUA 27:

• AQUA 27 ensures maximum utilization of nitrogen in the soil
• AQUA 27 allows savings in nitrogen fertilizer units.
• AQUA 27 decreases the number of fertilizer applications.
• AQUA 27 minimizes wash losses (rain or heavy water).
• AQUA 27 respects the environment.
• AQUA 27 improves the development of the crop by allowing balanced nutrition.
• AQUA 27 increases the yield and quality of the crops.

Advantages of AQUA 27, for post-harvest fertilization in fruit trees:

• AQUA 27 allows nitrogen to be maintained in the root zone for a long period of time.
• AQUA 27, due to its slow nitrification, allows a stable nitric-ammoniacal balance to supply nitrogen to fruit trees.
• AQUA 27 manages to save energy to the tree; to pass the nitrogen directly to amino acids and then to proteins and later it is stored for sprouting.
• AQUA 27 decreases the washing of nitrogen by rainfall or irrigation.


Guaranteed Analysis (% m/m)
Total Nitrogen (N) 27,00%
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 19,50%
Nitric Nitrogen (N) 7,50%
DCD (Dicyanamide) 0,80%
Sulfur trioxide (SO3) soluble in water 33,36%