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Saline corrector based on polymaleic acids.


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Soil conditioner that improves the aggregation of soil particles and solubilizes calcium and magnesium.

SAL STOPP is a complex anionic polymer based on polymaleic acid, soluble in water and with a high molecular weight.
SAL STOPP acts as a soil conditioner thanks to its excellent properties:
• Reduce the percentage of clay dispersed in water.
• Increase the size of the aggregates.
• Increases the structural stability of the soil.
• Solubilizes calcium and magnesium, replacing sodium that can be washed by irrigation water

The anionic polymerization of maleic acid produces a polymer (polymaleic acid), with a very complex chemical structure consisting of aliphatic, olefinic and aromatic compounds, being soluble in water and rich in carboxylic groups. The chains of the polymaleic acid break their bonds in the carboxylic radicals to form sodium salts (sodium maleates) that are washed from the root zone by the irrigation water.
Polymaleic acid is a synthetic polymer, anionic, soluble in water and of high molecular weight that acts, applied at low doses, in the maintenance and improvement of the stability of aggregates and reduces the percentage of clay dispersed in saline soils.
Polymaleic acid also solubilizes calcium, magnesium and sodium. Calcium and magnesium replace sodium in the micelles and this can be washed away by irrigation water, reducing salinity problems.


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Polymaleic Acids 33,00%