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Fertilizer Liquid PK 0 – 43 – 51 – Liquid fertilizer for a natural and balanced nutrition of plants with native phosphorus and potassium.


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Key points of the product
• Liquid fertilizer for a natural and balanced feed for the plant with native phosphorus and potassium.
• Natural product, free of chemical additives
• Contains natural plant extracts and yeast proteins
• “Made in Spain”
• In accordance with the European Organic Agriculture Regulation 834/2007 / EC, 889/2008 / CE and USA. NOP regulation.
ORGANIC MOL GEL 0 – 43 – 51 is a balanced organic mineral fertilizer composed of amino acids, humic substances and microelements. The balanced content of organic acids and primary macro-elements (P, K) is ideal for the nutrition of plants.
The gentle processing by evaporation, centrifugation and micronization helps to preserve the natural characteristics of all the organic acids in the product. Organic phosphorus and potassium together with trace elements and vitamins are available for the plant and guarantee a high nutritional value without losses due to leaching. A regular application of ORGANIC MOL GEL 0 – 43 – 51 is recommended for the nutrition of the plants, in order to favor the microbial flora (Azotobacter / Pseudomonas) and to improve the texture and structure of the soil. ORGANIC MOL GEL 0 – 43 – 51 produces increased growth of fine roots and enzymatic activity of plants, will increase quality and increase the amount of agricultural production. ORGANIC MOL GEL 0 – 43 – 51 is free of any chemical component that could be harmful to the soil.


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/v)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P#*2*#O#*5*#) water soluble 43,00%
Potassium Oxide (K#*2*#O) water soluble 51,00%
Organic Matter 30,00%
Organic Carbon (C) 17,40%
Fulvic Acids 23,00%
Free Amino Acids 0,60%