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Liquid fertilizer of humic and fulvic acids


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Humic and fulvic acids from Leonardita Americana.
Humic and fulvic acids prodecentes of the chemical and biological humification of plants and organic matters.
Key points of the product
• Liquid suspension of potassium humate with 18% of humic and fulvic acids bioactivated
• Soil conditioner and growth stimulant.
• Increases soil holding capacity
• Acts as a natural chelator for micronutrients in alkaline soils and increases the availability of micronutrients for plants
• Increase fertilizer efficiency and reduce nutrient leaching
• Does not contain chemical additives and components of animal origin, free of genetically modified raw materials
• ” Made in Spain ” by Leonardita americana

MOL HUMUS 180 is a natural and balanced soil conditioner. MOL HUMUS 180 is obtained by alkaline extraction of American Leonardite (highly oxidized lignite). The organic material originates in geological processes and biological activity.

MOL HUMUS 180 used alone or mixed with most fertilizers is a permanent humic substance that can not be easily broken down by soil microorganisms. MOL HUMUS 180 is suitable for all agricultural and horticultural plants and unleashes its full and lasting impact especially with sandy and clayey soils.
We recommend the regular application of MOL HUMUS 180 in soils to improve soil conditioning, soil fertility, stimulate root growth and increase biomass. Use MOL HUMUS 180 for fertigation and foliar application to support the absorption of fertilizers and mineral nutrients naturally present in the soil. Humic acids are natural chelates capable of forming chelate complexes and improving the resorption of trace metal fertilizers (Mg, Ca, Fe). The formation of complexes (chelates) is an important aspect of the biological function of humic acids in the regulation of the bioavailability of metal ions.
MOL HUMUS 180 is free of any chemical components that could be harmful to soil and crops.


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Potassium Humate 18,00%
Humic acids 16,00%
Fulvic Acids 2,00%
Organic Nitrogen (N) 1,00%
Organic Carbon (C) 35,00%
Minerals 5,00%
Potassium Oxide (K#*2*#O) water soluble 3,00%
Iron (Fe) water soluble 0,20%