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Saline and sodic soil conditioner.


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BIOSALT is a specific formula made of polyhydrocarboxylic acids, sulfur and calcium complexed with polyhydroxycarboxylic acids, it is a highly concentrated liquid solution.

BIOSALT is a corrector for saline and saline-sodic soils. Its use is recommended in soils with salinity problems due to the edaphic characteristics or to the quality of the irrigation water used. With the application of BIOSALT, the PSI (Interchangeable Sodium Percentage) is reduced to acceptable values ​​for crops. It is achieved by replacing the sodium absorbed in the exchange complex with calcium. In addition, sulfur is combined with sodium by chemical oxidations, forming sodium sulphate of high solubility and easily washable from the area of ​​the root bulb. BIOSALT increases cation exchange capacity (CIC). In this way, it improves the structure of the soil and favors the conditioning of the roots and the assimilation of nutrients by them.
BIOSALT is a fertilizer that modifies the electrical conductivity of the soil until it is optimal for the development of the implanted crop. It improves the edaphic characteristics, by what favors the root development and the absorption of nutrients by the plants.


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/v)
Organic Matter 20,00%
Organic Carbon 11,30%
Total Nitrogen (N) 17,70%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) water soluble 27,00%
Calcium (Ca) water soluble 19,00%
Chelating agent: Polyhydroxycarboxylic acids ( Low molecular weight)