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Organic pearl fertilizer.

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Reasons to use BIO FEM 80 PERLA
• Amino Acids contribution
• High concentration of organic matter
• Humic and fulvic acid
• Slow release organic nitrogen
• Nice smell
• It is not a powder: better handling

Glutamine is an amino acid originating from plants.
Glutamine and the high humudification of the organic substance in the BIO FEM 80 PERLA product offers significant advantages for all crops and soil type:
• Increase in production (Even in difficult conditions)
• Increases resistance to diseases
• Increase root growth
• Reduces parasites of nutrients
• Releases blocked nutrients from the earth
• Acts as a water reserve
• Increase the benefits of the microbial flora

BIO FEM 80 PERLA is the ideal product for all types of crops that can benefit from a significant amount of organic substance


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Total Amino Acids 65,00%
Total Nitrogen (N) 10,00%
Organic Nitrogen (N) 5,00%
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 5,00%
Potassium Oxide (K#*2*#O) water soluble 5,00%
Sulfur trioxide (SO#*3*#) water soluble 8,50%
Organic Matter 80,00%
Humic and Fulvic acids 45,00%