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Concentrated suspension fertilizer rich in phosphorus, potassium and zinc


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ORANGSEED P – K – Zn is a concentrated solution that includes the key nutrients to obtain optimal yields and quality in the cultivation of corn.Designed to apply the foliar product ORANGSEED P – K – Zn is highly miscible with other products, avoiding specific applications and promoting savings in time and money.

ORANGSEED P – K – Zn includes phosphorus, potassium and zinc, essential nutrients for the optimized yield of corn. ORANGSEED P – K – Zn is developed with the highest quality levels of the entire range, through a rigorous control that ranges from the selection of raw materials to the characteristics of the container. The high technology used in the formulation of ORANGSEED P – K – Zn promotes the safety and efficiency thereof, which results in the need for fewer applications to provide the same amount of nutrients.

ORANGSEED P – K – Zn provides the necessary nutrients for the optimal development of the corn crop, and this translates into a higher yield of the plant and, therefore, the growth of the crops. In addition, crops that receive the correct balance of nutrients not only develop better, but also can better withstand stress conditions and efforts at each stage of development.

The nutrition with ORANGSEED P – K – Zn stimulates the vegetative growth at the beginning of the corn and of all the demanding crops in that stage (Citrus, beans, flax, etc.).