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Suspension fertilizer Concentrated rich in boron with manganese and molybdenum


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ORANGFOL B – Mn – Mo FLOW is a suspension rich in boron with manganese and molybdenum.Preventive as well as curative applications are recommended in case of a lack of boron, manganese and molybdenum

With ORANGFOL B – Mn – Mo FLOW you can combat stress situations in agricultural crops.

Benefits of using ORANGFOL B – Mn – Mo FLOW

• It is a suspension that guarantees an excellent absorption of boron in leaves and meristematic tissues

• It is more than a boron corrector, with manganese and molybdenum

• Reduces russeting in varieties of apple trees sensitive to this skin defect

• High use of boron applied by additives, wetting agents and adhesives

• Improves the resistance of young plants to drought stress conditions

• Can be applied with all types of equipment, including Low Volume or sprinkler irrigation (pivot)