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Density: 1.25 gr/cc

AP: 5-6

Appearance: Soluble Liquid

Brown color

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Biostimulant product for plants to maintain the rate of growth and production in conditions of hydric and saline stress.

Due to its high content of betaines, it regulates the osmotic potential of the cell, preventing its dehydration, maintaining the turgidity of the tissues, stabilizing enzymes and proteins, protecting and restructuring dehydrated or salinity-damaged membranes, which is why its use is recommended to improve the rooting, pre-flowering processes, promote fruit setting and fattening.

Free amino acids 6%
 Glutamic acid two%
 glycine two%
 lysine one%
Total Nitrogen (N) 6.5%
 Urea nitrogen (N) 1.3%
 Organic Nitrogen (N) 5.2%