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Osmo Fruit

In the elaboration of the product, amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis have been used.

Density: 1.13 gr/cc

pH: 8.5

Soluble Concentrate (SL)

Appearance: Brown liquid

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Osmo Fruitis a natural product with Glycine Betaine (N, N, N-trimethylglycine) and Proline that helps crops cope with abiotic stress such as: salinity, drought, extreme temperatures, cracks, water accumulation, etc. Therefore, the use of Osmo Fruit avoids harvest losses due to abiotic factors and maintains the varietal potential of the crop.



Glycine-Betaine w/v
Free Amino Acids (Proline) 6.0%
Total Nitrogen (N) 5.0%
 Organic Nitrogen (N) 5.0%
Boron (B) soluble in water 0.05%
Zinc (Zn) soluble in water 0.5%