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GB Extrem

Type of formulation: Microgranules

White color

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Thanks to its high content of glycine betaine, GB Extreme balances the general water balance of the plant. Its osmoprotective action reduces the incidence of physiopathies, such as cracking and blossom end root in fruits (cherry, tomato, pepper, etc.) by improving water regulation. This is due to the modification of cell permeability that regulates the absorption of water in the tissues when unfavorable situations occur (drought, high-low temperatures, salinity).



Glycine-betaine 97
Nitrogen (N) Total 12%
 Nitrogen (N) Nitric 0.6%
 Nitrogen (N) Ammoniacal 0.05%
 Organic Nitrogen (N) 11.3%
Carbon (C) Organic 51%