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ORANGFOL 6-6-30+3%B

Fertilizer NPK 6 – 6 – 30 + 3% Boron (B).

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ORANGFOL 6 – 6 – 30 + 3% B is an NPK fertilizer highly concentrated in potassium, enriched with boron, formulated soluble and for foliar application.
ORANGFOL 6 – 6 – 30 + 3% B is appropriate at times of fattening or fruit development and maturation due to its high potassium content. Increases yield and improves the quality, color and appearance of the harvest. It is a fertilizer that the plant absorbs easily and metabolizes it immediately. In this way, fast and effective results are achieved. Its contribution in potassium favors the mechanisms of hydric regulation of the plant, intervenes in the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates and enables the active conformation of many enzymes that participate in various metabolic processes. In addition, it strengthens the root system and the mechanical resistance of the stems.
Boron is a micronutrient with an important structural and essential role in the growth of plants. It intervenes in the metabolism of nucleic acids and in that of carbohydrates. It favors the absorption of cations and water. It is involved in the assimilation of phosphorus and the synthesis of B vitamins in plants.
ORANGFOL 6 – 6 – 30 + 3% B due to its special formulation, it facilitates the healing of plant tissue, favors dilation of stomata, and consequently, adhesion and penetration of the product through the leaf.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Total Nitrogen (N) 6,00%
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 1,10%
Nitric Nitrogen (N) 4,90%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P#*2*#O#*5*#) water soluble 6,00%
Potassium Oxide (K#*2*#O) water soluble 30,00%
Boron (B) in mineral form and water soluble 3,00%