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NK fertilizer enriched with Lignosulfonates and Aluminum – Chelated Potassium.

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The binding of macronutrients (N and K) with Amino Acids and especially with LIGNOSULFONATE as agent
complex, make the COLOR K PREMIUM a unique product in the olive market. Being able to say that an immediate shock effect is assured in this, putting into circulation each and every one of the nutrients provided and available to the fruit in less than 1 hour, especially (K) Potassium, which will mean a greater increase in sugars in the fruit, greater weight and therefore higher fat yield.
The plant absorbs potassium from the soil solution only as a potassium ion. This is very mobile in the plant.
Potassium is essential for the plant, because it influences multiple tasks of the plant metabolism.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Total Nitrogen (N) 6,00%
Organic Nitrogen (N) 1,00%
Urea Nitrogen (N) 5,00%
Potassium Oxide (K#*2*#O) water soluble 42,00%
Total Amino Acids 2,00%
Chelating agent: Lignosulfonates 20,00%