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TACC 1000

Botanical extraction for the control of aphids, bugs, miners, mites and thrips.

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Product especially recommended for aphids, bedbugs, leaf miners, mites, thrips, mosquitoes and to enhance the action of other insecticides that can be mixed in. It is an organic contact insecticide that acts by inhibiting the cell membrane of insects, nymphs and mites, preferably in white body insects and larvae in levels L1 and L2
Advantages of TACC 1000
• Product of natural origin.
• It does not leave residues, so there is no safety period after its application.
• Do not create resistances.
• No danger for applicators.
• Lengthens the conservation of fruits.
• Improves the effectiveness of other treatments.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Extract of Tobacco (Nicotina tabacum L) 100,00%