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Natural broad-spectrum biofungicide for the control of diseases in plants.

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RESPECT 230 new biofungicide developed by ORANGE SAFT for the control of diseases in the crops of Vegetables, Melon, Cucurbitaceae, Fruit, Grapevine, Ornamentals, Wheat, Barley, Rice, Corn, etc.
RESPECT 230 contains 230 g / l. of Tea Tree Oil (Malaleuca Altermifolia)
Its formulation also incorporates 770 g of terpene alcohols as well as all the necessary adjuvants and wetting agents to guarantee maximum efficiency without adding any moistener.
RESPECT 230 can be used at doses between 1 – 2 liters / Ha.
RESPECT 230 is a natural biofungicide that acts preventively and curatively, by inhibiting the development of spore germination, inhibiting mycelial growth and expansive lesion; inhibition in the production of sporangia, by eliminating and eradicating colonies of the pathogens present in fruits and leaves.
RESPECT 230 is a non-ionic coadjuvant based on tea tree oil from Australia (Melaleuca alternifolia) that can be used in applications of products for disease control and foliar fertilizers, in any crop. Due to its oily composition, it can be used as an excellent drift reducer that together with its anti-evaporation effect preserves the size and uniformity of the drops, allowing a higher impact recovery per square centimeter.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Tea tree oil (Melaleuca Altermifolia) 23,80%
Organic conditioner 76,20%