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Natural extract of Mimosa origin.

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CONTROL 800 is a hydroalcoholic extract from the bark of the mimosa tree that prevents, reduces or mitigates diseases caused by fungi in fruit and vegetables such as alternaria, anthracnose, botrytis, cercosporiosis, sclerotia, Fusarium spp., Soil and neck fungi , mottled, powdery mildews, etc. Applied preventively by means of a programmed plan prevents the reproduction and development of these pathogens.
CONTROL 800 helps the vegetable to form a protective layer on the surface of the leaves, fruits and stems that prevents microorganisms from accessing the nutrients they need, do not grow or multiply, so that the progression of the disease is interrupted and the protected plant.
The protective effectiveness of the layer is due to the extract of mimosa that contains substances (flavonoids, tannins, saponins, alkaloids, etc.) that inhibit extracellular enzymes that excrete pathogenic microorganisms to obtain nutrients from plant tissues.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/v)
Mimosa Extract 80,00%