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Nematicide and Acaricide.

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BIONEMAT 350 is obtained from the quillaja saponaria tree (quillay) .The final product is a pure extract of quillay, natural and rich in all the components present in an original way in the tree: triterpene saponins, polyphenols, sugars, plant phytohormones and you go out.
BIONEMAT 350 promotes the growth of root mass, this greater number of roots predisposes the plant to have a greater defense against the presence of nematodes and a better absorption of water and nutrients from the soil.
BIONEMAT 350 acts by contact and ingestion and its nematicidal properties are attributed to a synergy between the saponins and other active compounds present in the extract, such as tannins and polyphenols.
Due to its characteristics as a natural product, it is especially indicated to integrate Integrated Crop Management Programs and waste-free crops are obtained.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/v)
Quillaia Extract (Quillaja saponaria) 35,00% (350 g/L)