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Fungicide, Natural Bactericide.

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BAC 500 LIQUID is a natural bactericide and fungicide, with very low toxicity for men and animals, especially indicated for the control of Botryas cinerea in vine, berries, tomato, paprika and other vegetables, as well as in post-harvest fungi such as : Penicillium sp., In citrus fruits and stone fruit trees, helping to retard resistant breeds, Botritys cinerea in pits and Erwinia sp. In asparagus.
Due to its natural organic characteristic, it can be used in the harvest without residue problems (0 days of lack), ensuring a good post harvest. The maximum number of applications of the product is 3-5 times per season of the crop and the frequency of application is 7-10 days.
BAC 500 LIQUID has no restriction of lack of applications until harvest.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Seed extract and citrus pulp associated with Bioflavonoids 50,00%