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Systemic repellent of sucking or chewing insects and moths.

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Garlic has been used to scare away insects for more than one hundred years and is currently authorized in Ecological Agriculture, although it is systemic, it does not alter the color or flavor of plants or fruits.
The references on new uses are continuous and their applications include protection against fungi, mosquito larvae, nematodes, mites in animals, antibiotic in poultry, cattle and fish feed. It has also been used as a repellent for deer, birds and mice.
Garlic, Allium sativum, known by all as a food, to flavor foods that give a very characteristic flavor and as a medicine, is a natural alternative to pests of mites, slugs, miners, suckers, borers, chewers, aphids, aphids , bacteria, fungi and nematodes.
The garlic extract is completely biodegradable, does not change the smell or taste of the leaves or fruits, whatever the crop where it is applied.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Garlic Essential Extract (Allium spp.) 99,80%
Adjuvants 0,20%