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Corrector preventive and curative of deficiencies of Calcium and Magnesium

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Thanks to the physical characteristics of PLUS CALMAG, it is possible to optimize the absorption of nutrients and a greater permanence of the product on the sheet, so that the period of effectiveness of the application is extended.
Calcium is a scarcely mobile element in the interior of the plant, so it is especially important to apply it by foliar. Not only is it an essential element for the proper development of plants (plays an essential role in the formation of cell membranes) but also is interesting in order to improve the storage capacity of the fruit after harvest.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/v)
Nitrogen (N) Total 15,00%
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 0,90%
Nitric Nitrogen (N) 12,10%
Urea Nitrogen (N) 2,00%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) water soluble 22,50%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) water soluble 3,00%
Boron (B) water soluble 0,08%
Copper (Cu) water soluble 0,06%
Iron (Fe) water soluble 0,08%
Manganese (Mn) water soluble 0,15%
Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble 0,00%
Zinc (Zn) water soluble 0,03%