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BOROZINC ACTIVE is a foliar fertilizer that associates Boron and Zinc in a balanced proportion in order to improve the yield, prevent or correct the eventual deficiencies of our crops.

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BOROZINC ACTIVE is a product particularly adapted to crops sensitive to these deficiencies thanks to the double preventive and curative action that exerts very effectively.

BOROZINC ACTIVE associates nutritional elements with high solubility in water and quickly assimilated by the leaves. It is a new generation fertilizer, endowed with an acidifying effect on the spray liquid.
BOROZINC ACTIVE has a particular formulation that is not very aggressive and can be applied in sensitive periods of the plant, which correspond to periods of strong growth and important needs.

BOROZINC ACTIVE, an effective action via foliar and root, thanks to its active pH formulation:
• Acidifies and stabilizes the pH (buffer power).
• Solubilizes the nutrients present in the leaf.
• Particularly recommended in the case of hard and / or calcareous waters.


ORANGTRENE 48 Fe is an iron (Fe) complex chelated by EDDHA that gives the product good stability under high pH conditions and calcareous soils, it is used in the prevention and correction of ferrous chlorosis of several crops.


• Molecule of great purity and activity
• EDDHA with a high content of ORTO-ORTO isomers
• Maximum proportion of totally chelated iron
• Stable and effective molecule up to pH 12
• Greater mobility in the soil than other chelates, which allows a better diffusion of the product and thus reach the majority of roots in the plant
• Excellent formulation in liquid form
• Absence of insoluble particles, which guarantees trouble-free application in drip irrigation

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Iron (Fe) EDDHA 6,00%
Chelated Orto – Ortho 4,80%
The chelated fraction has a good stability in a pH range of 6.5 – 12