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Corrector preventive and curative of Boron deficiencies

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Boron is an essential microelement in the metabolism of the plant, providing an important structural and essential role in the growth of plants, it plays an important role in cell division and, therefore, in growth. nucleic acids and in that of carbohydrates, it favors the absorption of cations and water and is involved in the assimilation of phosphorus and in the synthesis of B vitamins in plants.
ORANGFOL BORO 180 favors the flowering, pollination, fruit set and therefore also the fructification. Plants that are more resistant to adverse situations are obtained. As a consequence, with the application of ORANGFOL BORO 180, the general state of the plant improves and the various metabolic processes of the same are favored, obtaining a higher and quality harvest.
Via Radicular
The boron element (B) is absorbed as cation B (OH) 3 or anion B (HO) 4 – borate, by the roots when the soil properties such as texture, organic matter, pH and humidity are appropriate.

Via Foliar
Boron is absorbed via foliar through stomata, cuticle and ectodesms. Stomach boron enters when the exchange of gases (O2 / CO2) in the process of breathing and transpiration. The second way is through the cuticle; Boron once it penetrates the cuticle penetrates the walls of the cells of the leaves through the ectodesms, which are spaces with a lower density of microfibrils and which are in the zone of the primary and secondary wall of the cells.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Boron (B) in mineral form and soluble in water 18,00%