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Corrector preventive and curative of deficiencies of Manganese and Zinc.

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ORANGOIL is a formulation based on citrus oils enriched with manganese and zinc, its formulation does not contain petroleum derivatives and is only based on natural ingredients extracted by cold pressing without chemical processing.
Its characteristic citrus smell is a consequence of the essential oils that make it up.
For this reason ORANGOIL is a totally natural and biodegradable product, leaving no residue and no safety term.
Thanks to its powerful surfactant effect, moisturizing, adherent and penetrating improves the effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments and helps to correct the deficiencies of these two elements very important to ensure the good performance of the plant. Enhancer of the phytosanitary effect and corrector of the deficiencies of Manganese and Zinc based on critical oil


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/v)
Orange Oil 3,30%
Manganese (Mn) water soluble 1,20%
Zinc (Zn) water soluble 2,50%