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Corrector preventive and curative of deficiencies of Copper and Zinc – Copper and Zinc in acidifying equilibrium

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OLIGO DUO PISTACHIO Cu – Zn is a special liquid formula based on zinc and associated with a fraction of citric acid hydrazide, which produces a fast and effective absorption of these two microelements (Cu and Zn), essential to ensure an optimal As consequence, the physiological state of the plant is improved and the natural defense of the plant is indirectly potentiated, inducing better resistance to stress and diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.
OLIGO DUO PISTACHIO Cu – Zn can be used foliar and root, remaining in the root zone for about 2 weeks.

Guaranteed analysis (% m/v)
Copper (Cu) soluble in water 5,50%
Zinc (Zn) soluble in water 5,50%