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Special formula for flowering and fruit set – FERTILIZER CE

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MOLIBOX 10 – 10 FLOW is a FLOW formulated concentrate in Boron and Molybdenum.
Molybdenum intervenes in the synthesis and activation of fundamental enzymes in the nitrogen cycle. Insufficient amounts of this nutrient paralyze the production of vitamins such as ascorbic acid (essential in fruit set) and retain the formation of chlorophyll.
Boron is a micronutrient with an important structural and essential role in the growth of plants. It intervenes in the metabolism of nucleic acids and in that of carbohydrates.
MOLIBOX 10 – 10 FLOW ensures an optimal metabolism of nitrates and movement of nitrogen, which increases both the quantity and quality of pollen. Promotes the formation of flowers by intervening in cell division and lengthening. Accelerates the translocation processes of photoassimilates of endogenous hormones and exogenous agrochemicals. Therefore, MOLIBOX 10 – 10 FLOW is highly effective in the curing process. Due to its composition it acts on the plant giving rise to the early appearance of pollen and a greater viability of the flower.
At the same time it is recommended to use MOLIBOX 10 – 10 FLOW in programs of Integrated Production since when stimulating the flowering favors the installation of auxiliary fauna and its permanence throughout the cycle of cultivation, especially in winter, when the use of the product guarantees a better flowering The way in which boron is presented is of slow release, which means a decrease in the risk of phytotoxicity and a staggered contribution throughout the crop.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/v)
Boron (B) water soluble 10,00%
Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble 10,00%