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Micronutrients chelated with EDDHA. Special Queato of Iron, Zinc and Manganese with Humic Acids.

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KELOM TRI Fe – Zn – Mn – AH effective solution to correct ferric chlorosis and zinc and manganese deficiencies.It is a chemical mixture of chelated micronutrients of Iron, Manganese, Zinc and humic acids.
It contains 100% chelated microelements by EDDHA with an optimal balance, between ortho-ortho and ortho-para isomers.
Manganese and Zinc are chelated by EDTA which ensures the greatest stability to the soil.
KELOM TRI Fe – Zn – Mn – AH stands out for its high degree of chelation, synergistic action of microelements and great persistence in the face of deficiency symptomatology. It also presents a high efficiency and optimal formulation, solved in an application several deficiency states.
KELOM TRI Fe – Zn – Mn – AH contains maximum stability in calcareous and alkaline agricultural soils.
It contains high speed of action and prolonged persistence demonstrated.
KELOM TRI Fe – Zn – Mn – AH ensures maximum profitability and efficiency demonstrated both in soil applications and in foliar applications, and in preventive and curative treatments. KELOM TRI Fe – Zn – Mn – AH gets a direct and balanced contribution of active and functional iron inside the leaves; guaranteeing an increase in photosynthetic activity, a stimulation of plant growth and an increase in production.

Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Iron (Fe) – EDDHA water soluble 4,50%
Manganese (Mn) – Water-soluble EDTA 1,50%
Zinc (Zn) – Water-soluble EDTA 0,50%
Humic Acids water soluble 12,00%