Corrective preventive and curative of deficiencies of Nitrogen and Manganese. Nitrogen and Manganese Gluconate.

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GLUCO PEANUT SPECIAL is a product belonging to the innovative GLUCO RANGE that ensures a greater speed of absorption and penetration of Nitrogen, Sulfur and Manganese in the plant as well as its rapid translocation.
GLUCO PEANUT SPECIAL is formulated on the basis of Gluconic GH, as Soluble Concentrate, of high purity, high quality and safety for the sprinkled culture.

GLUCO PEANUT SPECIAL contains surfactants to improve the compatibility with phytosanitary products and achieve a better wetting of sprayed surfaces.

GLUCO PEANUT SPECIAL is effective in very acid or very calcareous soils, ensuring the supply of Nitrogen, Sulfur and Manganese in any type of soil. In addition, metal ions chelated and sequestered by GH-gluconic do not react with other soil components; this is the cause of great stability.

Speed ​​of action
GLUCO PEANUT SPECIAL, being derived from a natural sugar (glucose), enters the metabolism of the plant by foliar or radicular (irrigation by drip or injection) very quickly. Once absorbed, it moves freely throughout the plant transporting the Nitrogen, Sulfur and Manganese where necessary. 10-12 days after application, if the crop has also been irrigated, the beneficial effects are already observed.

GLUCO PEANUT SPECIAL comes from heptagluconic acid and this in turn from glucose, which is a natural carbohydrate. This makes GLUCO PEANUT SPECIAL a safe product and does not cause any phytotoxicity problem in treated crops, either by foliar or root (injection or drip irrigation).


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/v)
Total Nitrogen (N) 2,00%
Sulfur (S) water soluble 3,00%
Manganese (Mn) water soluble 5,30%
Chelating agent: Gluconic GH