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Corrector preventive and healing deficiencies of Iron.

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Key points of the product
• Soluble powder with iron complexed by biologically active mono-di-tri-polysaccharides.
• For the prevention and care of the deficiency of Iron in fruit and horticultural crops
• Fast and efficient penetration through the leaves and root system of the plant

BIO SUGAR Fe 150 is a soluble powder compound of iron and organic molecules obtained by hydrolysis of natural protein. The unique formulation with sugar corrects iron deficiencies simultaneously stimulating the metabolism of the plant.
BIO SUGAR Fe 150 is suitable for foliar and soil applications; however, we recommend especially the foliar application due to the complexing and transporting properties of the sugar formulated in the compound that lead to the fast and efficient penetration of the iron in the leaf.
Sugar is a natural chelate able to bind (” bind “) with microelements and form a metal complex. Sugar is also very effective in transporting the microelements bound through the cells to the sites of use, helping to overcome the chemical and physical barriers of the cuticle of the leaf, the cell wall and the lymphatic system. The combination of iron and sugar in foliar spray solutions leads to an increase in the effectiveness of the treatment and reduces the fertilizer application rate.


Guaranteed Analysis (% w/w)
Iron (Fe) water soluble 15,00%
Mono-Di-Tri Polysaccharides 40,00%
Organic Carbon (C) 15,00%