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BIOSSAN Mg is a product created on the basis of chitosan that produces the activation of SAR response mechanisms.Complemented magnesium stimulates the absorption of phosphorus and the synthesis of amino acids and starch.Chitosan acts as the elicitor of the defense mechanisms of the plants stimulating the synthesis of various enzymes, resistance proteins and phytoalexins, while magnesium is a fundamental constituent of chlorophyll, contributing to a greater photosynthetic efficiency and, at the same time, being part of the ribosomal structure, thus optimizing protein synthesis.

Benefits of BIOSSAN Mg

• Induction of the acquired resistance system (SAR)

• Increase the emission of roots and rootlets

• Greater vigor and degree of lignification of the plants.

• Increases the synthesis of amino acids and proteins.

• Improves phosphorus absorption and translocation

• Fungistatic and nematostatic effect

• Increases photosynthetic efficiency

• Increase crop production and quality.

• Covers magnesium nutritional deficiencies