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BIOSSAN Zn is a product based on chitosan that produces the activation of SAR response mechanisms and allows the complexation of zinc that is absorbed and translocated with greater efficiency throughout the plant.

BIOSSAN Zn elicits the mechanisms of acquired systemic resistance (SAR) which causes the synthesis of phytoalexins, enzymes and proteins of resistance against different pathogens. In turn, the zinc supply increases the synthesis of IAA (indolacetic acid), the formation of shoots, the germination of pollen and intervenes in the synthesis and partitioning of starch.

Benefits of BIOSSAN Zn

• Induction of the acquired resistance system (SAR)

• Increases root and air development

• Fungistatic and nematostatic effect

• Accelerates zinc translocation throughout the plant

• Increase outbreak formation

• Improves the curdling and filling process of fruits and grains

• Regulates the process of translocation of starch

• Increase crop production and quality.

• Helps to cover nutritional deficiencies of zinc.