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Specific food attractant for Ceratitis Capitata.


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TRAYER TRAPP is a specific food attractant for the capture of Ceratitis Capitata TRAYER TRAPP is an effective and 100% ecological system for the control of the fruit fly. The graduated evaporation of TRAYER TRAPP causes an emission of volatile compounds mainly amides and organic acids, with a high attractive power for adults of this pest, especially for females TRAYER TRAPP is applied inside a trap (fly catchers with holes) to facilitate the emission of volatile compounds and the capture of the fly.


• 100% ecological solution.
• Leaves no residue on the fruits.
• High selectivity.
• Easy to use.
• Does not contain pheromones or insecticides in it’s composition and how it is used.

Guaranteed analysis (% w/v)
Hydrolyzed Proteins 95,00%
Additives and Preservatives 5,00%