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Corrector of the lack of Boron, Calcium, Copper and Zinc with amino acids

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SUKRA AA PACK Cu combines boron, calcium, copper and zinc. SUKRA AA PACK Cu, is a new foliar fertilizer formulated with amino acids to keep the four nutrients chemically incompatible in a concentrated product.

It is a unique fertilizer because it presents the four elements together in a high concentration formula.

Calcium promotes the formation and early growth of the roots, promotes the integrity of the cell walls, participates in the balance of the potassium and magnesium elements, and improves the general vigor of the plants and the rigidity of the stems.

Boron is essential for the germination of pollen grains and pollen tube growth and greatly influences the transport of sugars, which are converted into polysaccharides such as cellulose and starch. In addition, boron deficiency increases the fall of floral buds, fruits and seeds in development.

Copper acts as a catalyst for numerous enzymatic reactions, is part of the oxidases of ascorbic acid, phenol and cytochrome as well as the electron transport system of photosynthesis. It favors the use of nitrogen, the synthesis of proteins and acts as a stabilizer of chlorophyll.

Copper deficiency manifests with necrosis in the leaves. As a consequence, the quality of the fruits decreases and an abnormal development and coloration is observed in the affected plants.

Zinc is an enzyme activator that catalyzes more than 300 reactions in metabolic processes (respiration, chlorophyll synthesis, controls the stability of membranes and proteins) and is also closely involved in the metabolism of nitrogen. In plants with zinc deficiencies, the level of protein synthesis decreases drastically.