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Biological Nutrient based on amino acids from rapidly absorbed enzymatic hydrolysis. STYM RADICULAR 600 is a liquid organic compound produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of natural protein regeneration. The natural balance of the total and free amino acids that appear in the aminogram is a proof of the absence of any synthesis of free amino acids and evidence of naturalness of STYM RADICULAR 600. COLZYME TECHNOLOGY

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Key points of the product.

– It improves soil structure

– Increases water holding capacity

– It makes the floors more spongy improving its aeration

– Allows the formation of the clay-humic complex increasing the ion retention power and cation exchange capacity

– Potassium fixation potency, avoiding its loss by leaching, especially in sandy soils

– Fix the microelements allowing them to be more assimilable by plants

– It favors the development and the activity of the microbial flora

– Stimulates the rooting and development of plants

– Improves root respiration

STYM RADICULAR 600 has a plant growth promoting effect and promotes seed germination. It also stimulates the absorption of minerals by the root